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Can I get a government grant?

No, at least not yet. EVCC is designed for home charging where you have no off-road parking and at the moment only those with "dedicated off-street parking" are eligible. Not fair? We don't think so either, but the EV sector is by necessity fast-paced and developing so let's hope this approach gets updated.

If the charge point isn't included, how do I get this?

We arent tied to a make of charge point or installer so the choice is yours. Most installers offer a range of different types, Pod Point, EO, Ohme, Rolec etc. Search for charge point installers and apply to them to connect and install. Make sure we have council agreement for your EVCC first though if your location requires.

Do I remove the cable when not using it?

No. Your charging cable comes with your EVCC and stays in the lockable unit. If you need to replace at some future date it is possible to unlock internally to release the cable.

Do I need council approval for EVCC at my property?

Yes, unless you are installing on private land. If the pavement in front of your house is owned by the local authority we need to get permission from them.

Do Green Mole include the charge point with EVCC?

No, you will need to buy this separately. What we do is enable home charging for situations that do not have driveway parking.

I have a parking bay behind the gardens at the back of my house, do I need permission for a charging point there?

You will need permission from whoever owns the land in between, this may be the local authority or property company.  For example, in our case study we needed to ask Westminster Council for a licence to install ducting beneath their road.  If it is a council we will help with the application process, they do charge for this licence.  For privately owned land you would need to obtain written permission.

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