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A fresh way of overcoming reservations.

The Innovation History

Mole Group began in 1990 with founder David Furlong introducing application of moling technology for trenchless water pipe installations to the UK. Since then Mole has specialised in trenchless commercial and domestic underground installations. Whilst this has remained the core of our business, David and team have continued to innovate, growing increasingly focussed on environmental solutions.   

CombiSave was developed and patented by Mole Group in the noughties, to reduce waste water and time whilst running hot from gas combi boiler to tap.  Also reducing carbon as less gas is wasted trying to heat fast flowing water, CombiSave is sold by plumbers outlets as well as being supplied and fitted by British Gas.   

Initially Smartflower attracted our attention as a sleek new product requiring neat underground cabling, but it’s such a fantastic solar sculpture we became the UK dealer.  This fresh look at renewable energy involves clever technology and was inspired by the simple sunflower’s movement to follow the sun.

As early adopters of electric vehicles, it became apparent early on that only premises with off road parking can enjoy the convenience of home charging.  Hence EVCC, or Electric Vehicle Charge Channel was developed as a solution.  Approximately 40% of UK properties have no off road parking, many of these are terraced homes, so the innovation journey with EVCC continued, working hard with local authorities.


Green Mole Ltd was set up to house our renewable or environmentally aware solutions.

Improving access for electric vehicle use.

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