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Our innovation, Electric Vehicle Charge Channel, or “EVCC” makes it possible for residents with no off-road parking to charge their electric vehicle (EV) at home conveniently and without trip hazards. Currently safe home recharging of electric vehicles excludes terraced/mews housing. 

Installing an EV Charge Channel outside your home may lead to an increase in the value of your property. According to a recent study, 76% of homes with an EV charger installed showed an increase in value when compared to the local average.

How do we install your EV Charge Channel?


Alternatives are community charge points which present drawbacks, not least queues and public access surface obstructions.  Green Mole Limited offer a fresh way of overcoming a barrier to EV uptake. 

Solution & Benefits

  • Customers living in dwellings with no off-road parking who have the desire to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) have the pain point of sourcing and accessing convenient charging. 

  • Most chargers involve either something sticking up from the ground or with trailing/hanging cable.  EVCC looks at the solution in a novel way, dispensing neatly from the kerbside using a shallow below ground channel safely housing the cabling required from the home’s electricity supply. 

  • 36% of UK’s housing stock was terraced properties.  Not having off-road parking limits the appetite for EV take up, despite the car companies coming up with more fabulous models all the time.

  • The market's state-of-the-art is still preoccupied with charging points that are clearly above ground. Our innovation offers a different way of looking at a solution.

  • We don’t want to add to the pavement landscape, our below ground solution is unlike anything else and is customer focussed.  We understand that consumers require practical solutions that don’t inconvenience them. 

What about the costs?

  • Investing in EVCC is future-proofing your property.  And increasing the value! Click Here

  • You will be able to charge your car on your chosen tariff.  Some suppliers offer cheaper rates at night which is when your car will be plugged in.

  • Most cities will be adopting Low Emission Zones if they haven’t already, these are expensive!

  • There are of course also the health costs associated with air pollution from vehicle emissions.

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